Sailing around Elba

Elba is the third largest Italian island after Sicily and Sardinia, situated in the Tyrrhenian Sea and at the same time, the biggest island belonging to the Tuscan Archipelago. The island has wonderful coastline which measures 80 NM and more than 9 NM falls on gravel and sandy beaches, mostly small and hidden in rocky bays. It is ideal place for sailing holiday, very green all year round and offers continuous discoveries. In the spring, it is an explosion of Mediterranean colours. The sea water around Elba Island is very clear, changes colour in each inlet. It is also the most visited island in the Tuscan Archipelago with the picturesque landscapes, full of interesting sight, rich in life, many villages, natural beauties, historical monuments and tourism.

In every corner of the Elba Island are many places to visit, the best known are combined with Napoleon, staying here in exile during the years 1814-1815. At the top of the stone buttresses in the north-eastern part of the island stands the castle Volterraio - "place of vultures". From the fortress you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Elba, you can see from there the majority of the archipelago, Corsica and the Tuscan coast.

Elba Island is it is a true paradise for sailors, a great sailing destination for the families and for the beginners because is well protected from the winds and distances to sail are reasonable. A delightful Italian Island with a deeply indented coast providing several marinas: Portoferraio, Marciana Marina, Porto Azzurro, and many beautiful sheltered bays with great anchorages for any wind: Biodola, Fetovaia, Marina di Campo, Lacona and many more wonderful places. Elba is as well perfect starting point for sailing cruises to the Island of Corsica, Sardinia or any other island of the Tuscan archipelago.

Everyone will find something for themselves once visiting wonderful Elba Island on charter sailing vacation - sunbathing in the bays, many amazing places to discover for divers, hikers will find plenty of trails in the mountainous area and cyclists can enjoy the views, overcoming many kilometres of varied terrain. The famous wines and the excellent local cuisine and the kindness of the local people making the holidays in Elba Island an amazing experience.

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