Sailing around Giannutri

The Giannutri Island is a true gem, waiting to be discovered. A beautiful place, located at about 8 nm SE of the island of Giglio. The island has 6 nm long coastline which is rocky and rough, with many caves and only two tiny stone beaches: Cala Spalmatoio on the NE side of the island and Cala Maestra on the NW side. There are restrictions on access on two areas N and S of an increasingly free corridor which coincides with the road linking Cala Maestra and Cala Spalmatoio. The area is protected by ‘’Parco Nazionale dell'Archipelago Toscano ‘’, to preserve the unique landscape of this scented island. The entrance to the two areas is allowed to 300 visitors a day, accompanied by guides Park or Environmental and upon payment of a ticket that includes pick-up service and the entrance to the protected area. The protection of the park extends even to some areas of the sea. In Zone 1 is scheduled the denial of access, fishing, diving, sailing, stop and anchor. In Zone 2 can be accessed, scuba dive, surf, stop and anchor.

Anchorages in Giannutri

Isola Giannutri is a wild and beautiful place with some anchorages available: Cala Spalmatoio and Cala Maestra. A wonderful place for a stop off while on the sailing holiday around wonderful Tuscan archipelago. Giannutri is renowned for the beauty of its funds, paradise for diving enthusiasts. The other interest of the island are the remains of a magnificent Roman villa Agrippa, once belonged to the family of the Emperor Nero. The highest point of the island is Poggio di Capel Rosso (88 m above sea level) from where one has a magnificent view, although not accessible because under renovation.