Sailing around Giglio

Giglio Island: is the second largest island of the Tuscan Archipelago, located a short distance from the Tuscan coast. One of the most beautiful Islands of Archipelago with total area of 22 sq. km. and approximately 12 NM of beautiful coastline which has a spectacular combination of sandy beaches, coves, cliffs and mountain scenery. Sprawling pine forests and happily with a large amount of vineyards, which is where the local wine 'Ansonica' coming from. The small coastline is fairly spectacular, made up of rocks, smooth cliffs and several bays, it's certainly not boring. Full of shoals and wrecks, offers scuba diving enthusiasts an impressive array of diving sites, the island is a real diving lovers paradise. Wonderful Island which is unoccupied for more than 90%. Giglio Island is a not to be missed stop during the sailing charter holidays in Tuscany. There are just few towns on the island which are very beautiful and unique, each town is worth it a visit with a lot of history and wonderful monuments. Visiting the island should visit the town of Giglio Castello - the oldest town on the island at the highest point of Giglio, which kept its original fortified appearance, surrounded by high medieval walls and towers - you'll be able to admire a marvellous view and visit the medieval village. You can get there by bus, by taxi or by foot: 6 km from Campese, 5 km from Giglio Porto. A walk around the fortified town on a clear day, offers a breath taking panorama of the coast and other islands of the Tuscan archipelago.